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I always seem to forget i have one of these...

anywhoooo... i havent had much time to really get on her due to school and work. *fail* but a lot has happened...

im officially a college student... yaaaay? i cant really say i like it until im not bored 90% of the time im there...meeting new people just sucks... and so does parking...

ANYWHO... more current affairs.... i think it should be said that once you are over the age of 18 you dont have to bend over backwards to make mommy happy... and ialso think that its time for you to grow up and ACT like an adult so you get the RESPECT of one... tis not a one way street.

ALSO.. cavities suck...
and so do nerves.
and over thinking everything, for nothing

you know who you are...
     playing badass racing games to x am and listening to drunk/stoned guys in the parking lot...

PATENT PENDING TOMORROW!!!! i cant wait to see them again <3 they are embodiment of adorable.
until then.... god of war 2. with my original ps controller cause my cheap ass ps2 one is now busted. .... *fail*
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Fuck off you stupid bitch! who the fuck do you think you are to always talk down to me.
i do soooo much shit for you that i dont have to fucking do and as soon as i dont do something perfectly you treat me like im freaking skum.
i really dont fucking get it.
i dont do HALF the fucking shit people do now..
i dont drink...
i dont smoke...
i dont do drugs.
i give you MY vacation days to help you.
i dont HAVE to do SHIT
i could go out and spend time with people i ACTUALLY want to be around instead of cleaning some fucking house i dont even want to fucking be in 90% of the time.
if i want to sleep until 12... then you know what... IM GUNNA FUCKING SLEEP UNTIL FUCKING 12.
i dont care what you say cause most of the time is just bitching at what i dont do perfectly.
you tell me all the time im fucking spoiled...
you know what... i think youre fucking spoiled. ive done SO much shit for you over the years and expect nothing that its become expected that i actually do get it done.
and what happens if something isnt done perfectly?
i get fucking bitched at instead of being talked to like a fucking person...

Have a nice day.

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Silly Forgetful Me

I seriously need to stop forgetting that live journal exists... its been a while...

Nothing has really happened to me though so i guess im not missing writing about much... ( i think that sentence made sense) oh well... Still looking for a job... even though my app at game stop was "one of the ones they were really looking at" id kill for that job... i want it so bad like... you dont even know XD but someone told me they werent taking on people until like august (thats for smashing my happy in my own face) -_-. but ive been basically avoiding the work topic untilo i hear an answer from them.... cause like i said... i REALLY want this job... it would so totally kick bumm.

Oh i guess... events comeing up... umm
for the first week of august im doing one of three things...
-Going white water rafting with a bud and the fam/fam friends
-Going to illinois to the ICP music festival in the woods for four days with a best bud...
-Staying how while everyone is away and sleeping until 5pm everyday

Still dont know whats happening yet XD

Now im just typing this up really quick while my fam is outside before i run to go pick up a friend...
which... now looking at the clock...
i really should...
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like omgzzz...

     woah its been a while since i updated hasnt it?? daaamn son.  haha i honestly forgot i had one of these until they mentioned it at anime next... i was like "oh yeah.... live journal... that exsists"
     SPEAKING OF WHICH. anime next was absolutely freaking uuuh-maaay-zing. i had a complete utter blast. i bought so much crap it not even funny. i bought a lot of art this year... more then i ever have any previous year.  sexy pictures of men.... i couldnt help it.... sooo cuuuute >.< a friend and i just spent the entire weekend like gawking at random Cloud merch. and drooling over the possible hotness of a riku cosplayer..... there were no good ones. well ... i cant say there where NONE.... just... no good MALE riku cosplayers. (aka none worth drooling over.)  gahh... it was pretty awesome though... even though like half the weekend i was im a hoooooorrrrible mood.... i was still around a mass of anime junkies so my mood from hell kinda died of late sunday afternoon. oh well.
   Omg so my friend just talked Aaron Carter over the phone. isnt that like so cool? i had the biiiigesnt crush on him when i was little and he was big... but then... what little girldidnt at that age.... he was like... adored by anything female XD.  finding a little girl who didnt like aaron carter is like finding a little girl that didnt like the spice girls.
    Im sooo effing tired.... finals start tomorrow.... laaame. at least i got exempt from the first period final so i can somewhat sleep in.  i think i just may go pass out now.... so tired..... and looking at my giant stufffed cuddle pikachu makes me just wanna hug it and go night night haha.
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*witty title here*

This weekend was very......... interesting. a few ups and downs with a very fitting end. Nothing worth mentioning happened during the week week.... its basically the weekends of my life that anything really happens..... 

Friday night was prom. and well..... it was.... medicore since i really didnt want to be there in the first place. i mean really im not into getting all dressed up.... dancing... or being around a lot of people.... so it only makes sence that it wasnt going to be the place of my dreams. People jsut pissed me off for the the first half of it.....  people are just rediculous and well to sum it up im not a fan of chongas XD oh youtube.... how i love you.  I only really started to enjoy the night once prom began to end and we went to ihop. that was a fun little adventure.

Saturday was grand. a friend and i just kinda went about....  chilled out and played video games all day.  I.... attempted to play Resident Evil but after two zombie attacks my heart nearly exploded so i had to hand over the controls and just tell my friend when the zombies she shot were in blood pools (dead-dead).  After a failed attempt at playing Champians (i hate when disks go missind D: ) so instead we play Puzzle Quest... which i have to say was a ball.... and gets rather challenging at 6 am XD

Sunday was a very fitting end to this rather drab week.... today after my friend went home i went to another friends house and just chilled... we made these german chocolate cup cakes with triple chocolate chocoalate iccing XD i swear it was death by chocoalate in a foil cupcake wrapper XD.  Then a bit of Soul Caliber 4 to finish up the night. She was stuck on this one part of this tower thing and couldnt beat the people they were throwing at her. so it was laurie pie to the rescue, i came, i kicked butt, it was awesome. hahaha.

Now im just sitting home typing up this monster while watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen...... shut up.... i like it.... haha.  Im getting over excited for ANEXT omg omgomgomgomgomg its next week i cant wait. im gunna be gone from home for 4 days....  im totally over joyed with the up coming weekend. im going to have so much fun.... sooooo much.... im not gunna sleep for the next week XD j-rock concerts, panels of awesome,  and alllll niiiiiight gaaaaming. and of course spending times with a massive group of amazing people <3

for the next four days of school. NOTHING can ruin this good mood. anything bad can not ruin this amazing weekend that is comeing up <3
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oh what a day...

I deff didnt think i was going to post so soon as this but i kinda had a strong urge to rant... and well this account could not have come at a better time... I woke up this morning... usual monday rut... made of complete suck... The day itself wasnt a bad day but just the fact that it was a monday that didnt evolve past "annoying".  Only pro is that i managed to avoid a few people who have been irratating the.... well complete utter shit out of me >.< Im just done with pretending that certain people dont bother me.  Im totally done with the people in this school who think their shit dont skink... guess they cant smell it all the way up on their high horse.  Im totally done with teachers treating treating students like they are complete skum when all you do is ask them a simple question.

(*tangent story alert*)
The girl i have been working on my stat project with and I planned on finishing our final project today in the writing lab. so she take a quick stop at the bathroom and i go to start the computer and pull up the info in the writing lab.  however, once i get there i notice that the door is locked and the lights are out... but a teacher is in there... so i knock. after being looked at, then ignored, i go to find my project partner.  We go back to the writing lab and this time the teacher comes to the door and yells at us because we asked where we should go to finish our project if we cant go in the writing lab.
(*end tangent story alert*)

.... basically... what im trying to get at is im tired of being treated as "lower" and people in this school are making me sick :)<3

in the end. the only sure cure to a crappy day is sitting on a comfy chair and being the crap of a friend in Soul Caliber4 <3
and in stead of doing math homework and studying.... ingoring life and playing brain-cell killing music beat games <3
some call ignoring your problems and turning a blind eye to life and problems a bad thing......
but for now im gunna pretend its all good and veg out in front of my ps2 until my IQ reverts to that of the level of a 4 year old. <3<3
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Gotta Start Somewhere

     SO first post ever. Im kinda curious as to what to write... but i guess itll all work out if i just let it flow haha.  A friend convinced me to make one and honesty i cant see myself updating that often... although i do foresee me collecting a massive amount of little icons :3 now i have a reason to let them eat away at my computers memory XD.
     im watching the end of this movie for like the 8th time with my mom.... No Country For Old Men.... i think she likes it or something since she watches it like once a month. it really bugs me when she watches the end of movies... but this one has been ruined  for me so many times i give up.... im not even gunna go down that ally... so many ruined endings because of her T-T.
   Well this should suffice as a first post... i mean nothing eventfull has really happened.... just trying to get through with my last year of high school (woot) and trying to contain myself until anime next rolls around (which im sooo not ready for) oh well. Oh... i guess you could call prom an "event" even though i was guilted into going and really dread having to go... *bleeeh* at least there will be food and friends... something is bound to have the ability to amuse me for the night...
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